Support of Silence3D + New Firmware Advi3++5.x.x

Hello together,

I want to ask if someone use already the new Firmware with the Silence3D Mod.

As i know its a different code to use. Usually Silence3d will prepare a own Hex File with this. But this times they are very Late and not really Helpful.

I ask them and they just say me they working on a new Website but this was already before Months when Advi was still in Beta versions.

Now i contact them again, and they told me i need to Uncomment the lines with #silence3d in the Source Code.

I cannot find this Lines maybe someone can help me to understand this.

Actually i am waiting for another response from Silence3d but its already 2 Weeks ago without a response.

Thanks and cheers Kai Oliver

What do they say exactly?

Hi andrivet,

I was asking this : Please can you tell me what changes i need to do to running this Firmware with the Silence3d Board ?

The Answer was : You need to change all lines with comment #silence3d

What they mean (I guess) is that you have to look at their firmware and port each line with silence3d to the source of the new firmware.

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