Stuck on White screen LCD 5.0

So I started to upgrade from 4.0.6 to 5.0.0. I flashed the new LCD firmware and everything went well. but now I am unable to flash the mainboard firmware as the printer is no longer viewable from the pc. I have a MS Plus a wanhao i3 plus. Please help.

Have you looked at Troubleshooting ?

I did and have tried several cables including a brand new cable. I dont have octoprint setup or a wifi connection on my printer so im left with cura but windows no longer sees the printer when connected to it after flashing the 5.0.0 firmware. I had no issues at all flashing 4.0.6 a year ago or more.

Have you the right driver?

And pleas provide more information like the version of your operating system, are you using usb 2 or 3, have you installed the correct driver, a screenshot of it, etc.

I stand corrected. no clue why it has worked fine even yesterday printing from cura but today I did have to do the Chinese driver update you thankfully had provided. I have bookmarked that troubleshooting site. Thank you I was being to panicked

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