Stop Button Delay

I’ve been using this firmware for a couple months now and absolutely love it, but I’ve noticed that whenever I press the stop button to stop a print early it takes 10+ seconds to actually stop printing and move the print head out of the way. This can be kind of annoying when ending a failed print, but also could be a safety hazard since it means the printer doesn’t have any form of emergency stop. Is this intentional, and if so why?

Which version of ADVi3++ are you using?

4.0.5, the most recent version

The delay depends of what you are printing. This is the time for the printer to finish what is in its buffer and safely stop the print. There is a way to implement an emergency stop (and stop almost immediately) but it means that the printer (firmware) will be in an unknown state and will have to stop entirely.

So I judged that it was not a good idea since there are already two ways to stop the printer: the power switch and the reset button.

But it can change in the future.