Stepper Motors and Rated Currents

Hi All,

New to the community.

I’ve been confused with stepper motor currents on two of the Plus stepper motors, in an attempt to fine tune my Vref for the drivers.

I was under the impression the C17HD6039-06N is 0.39A and the C17HD40102-01N is 1.02A.

After asking Moons directly, it appears this is incorrect:

  • C17HD6039-06N (Z) - 1.2 A (Vref with 90% safety factor = 0.864V x 2 = 1.728V - this is above the 2A max current of the A4988 drivers)
  • C17HD40102-01N (X,Y,E) - 1.3 A (Vref with 90% safety factor = 0.936V)

Any thoughts, wha ti should set the Z-Axis to? Can anyone confirm the stock Vref for the V5.1 Wanhao board?



The VRef is given by the model number, isn’t it. So 0.39A and 1.02A. This is more on less what I had on my printer (5.1).

What do they say exactly?

Hi Andrivet,

They advised those model numbers are “custom” steppers and why they are not in catalogs.

Rated current is 1.2A and 1.3A as in the post above.

Interesting. So I may have to also adjust the VRef of those drivers and document that in my document:

Yeah I was surprised after the research I’ve been doing. Not sure what to set the z-axis. Given it doesn’t do much, stuck to 0.864V for now.