Stepper motor changes

One of my stepper motors is acting up and needs replacement. The default stepper motors for I3+ have 200 steps/rotation. I can simply replace with same type and be done.

But is there an option to replace it (all??) with stepper motors with 400 steps/rotation? Do I need to change setting in ADVI3++??

Could it be this variable?

  • Default Axis Steps Per Unit (steps/mm)
  • Override with M92
  •                                  X, Y, Z, E0 [, E1[, E2[, E3[, E4]]]]

// @advi3++: Set the default values for Wanhao i3 Plus. Note: 81 is wrong (as set by Wanhao in their own firmwares)
#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 80, 400, 93.0 }

So if I were to change the Y-axis motor I need to set this to:
#define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT { 80, 160, 400, 93.0 }


I do not think that the mainboard (stepper motors drivers) are able to handle a different kind of motors. After thinking again, I think I am wrong. It should be compatible.

If it is compatible (from a hardware point of view), yes DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT needs to be adjusted. The formulas are in the Use Manual:

Why would the drivers not support this? It would still send the pulse like before only the rotation would be less.

If the current is still the same as now I do not see why it would not work (but have never done this before so could be wrong).

Maybe you are right. Would be interesting to know once what have made the modifications.

My trouble with heatbed (not moving fluently) turned out to be the front belt-wheel not to be aligned with the belt. Fixed that and while I was at it I printer some linear bearings (on another printer) to try and lower the noise. Which even got better with installing a Noctua Fan.

Looks (hears…) promissing for now.

I have installed 0.9° steppers (400/rev) on the X and Y without problem. I upgraded Z by changing the lead screws to T8x4 rather than replacing motors.

No modifications to the board; only the steps/mm in the menu.

Good news. Some questions:

  • exactly what type stepper did you use?
  • did you need to adjust the current for new steppers?
  • did you get a better print result?

I wasn’t going for a brand, just the size, degrees per step, and price. Ones I ended up with have “JUGETEK” laser etched on the back. Not going to mention the seller because it was irrelevant in my search. Probably could find the same thing on eBay.

Input is through four 1meter long wires. Had to short them to figure out pairs. I did not change any current settings. Only change necessary was doubling steps under motor settings within ADV-i3.

Yes, quality is improved for long, round or sloping walls such as long smooth curves of a vase. I used to see stair steps along curves as an axis was slowing, about to change direction along said long curve. Take any vase from Thingiverse. I used to have four very noticeable stair-like rings along -X+X-Y+Y. Now those stairs are greatly reduced. I’d take pictures but I’ve given away all my vase prints and my machine is down for an unrelated reason. Small detail areas do not show much of a difference but may show if you compared one to another.

Speaking of noise, these steppers may be quieter. I say may be because I installed vibration dampening stepper mounts at the same time. Resulting combination is quieter.