Silent 3D printer - Change the side fan of Wanhao i3 Plus printers

The stock fan on Wanhao i3 Plus printers is very noisy. In this video, I show how to install a Noctua silent fan and convert the 24v of the printer to the 12v necessary for the fan.

Note: This video was, during 1 week, exclusive to supporters of ADVi3++ on Patreon.



As your airflow can be different (i.e. less) than your previous one, be sure to check if your extruder motor is not heating up too much. Some people are feeding a little more power to the Noctua fan by adjusting the potentiometer to 14V.

This Mod is at your own risk.

i’ve orderd my parts thank you for this! Keep safe in these times!

Be careful with this - i ran a noctua a while back. It was awesome and silent and sooo not a good idea in Australian summer.

Yes, I noticed that the extruder motor is a little bit hotter than previously. I will make test with a bigger (larger) Noctua fan to see if it is better. If it is, I will update my post.

Should still work though - mabye you had the fan on the wrong way?


I came across this site that offers mods to make our printers silent.

I have one of those kits (sent for free by the manufacturer) but I have not tested it yet. It requires hardware changes and this will prevent me from testing my firmware. For info and before someone ask, I gave Silence3D the permission (for free) to use and distribute the LCD part of ADVi3++ to their customers.