Setting the Z Height for the First Layer

Setting the Z height on the first layer, as most of us know, is critical for adhesion and a goot print. I have created STL files with different thickness to quickly check the Z height. The Part is one layer thick and 15mm X 15mm so it prints quickly.

My printer has a BLTouch so it is easy to change the Z offset to achieve the perfect first layer. I arrange this part in the center of the bed in my slicer program to generate the GCODE file.

When I want to check the bed level I add more parts and arrange them in a grid on the bed surface, I use a 3 X 3 grid.

Print-Z_Test 0.15 v1.stl (684 Bytes)
Print-Z_Test 0.20 v2.stl (684 Bytes)
Print-Z_Test 0.25mm v2.stl (684 Bytes)
Print-Z_Test 0.30mm v2.stl (684 Bytes)

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