Screws/fasteners for i3 Plus

I’m about to perform some mods on my printer (Z braces, printed thumbscrews, Copperhead hotend, etc.), and while I’m at it I’d like to replace all the cap head screws with button-head ones.

Does anyone have a list of the screw sizes used in the printer? Even a list of sizes without quantities would do… I’m going to order 25 pcs of each size so should have more than enough to go around :slight_smile:

Hi Ahmad,
I have bee doing upgrades to my Maker Select Plus / i3 Plus. The screws that I have purchased are:
M3 Flat head Philips x 25mm SS or black.
M3 Hex socket head x 12mm black
M3 Hex Socket head x 20mm black
M3 ss Nut with Nylon insert.
M4 Hex socket head x 12mm black

I’ve been able to re-use the M3 hex socket head x 8 & 10mm screws that I remove. The Hex socket head screws are also referred to as “Hex socket cap screw”.

Have Fun and good luck. :smile:

Salty Doug