Right hand z stepper ignores end stop when homing

I just flashed ADVi3++ version 3.0.2 and also after some issues successfully flashed the LCD. The screen seems to work and all motors and heaters respond to requests from the touch screen. However when I try and home all or just Z for that matter the left hand stepper correctly stops when hitting the limit switch but the Right hand ( when facing the printer) keeps turning, forcing the nozzle into the bed and grinding when the axis becomes sufficiently unlevel to grind to a halt forcing me to power off. The X axis is then left VERY unlevel. There is only one limit switch on the Balco, which appears to be working, but the left won’t stop turning. I am VERY new to all this so I don’t know my way round the internals well yet. Any suggestions gratefully received. If someone can tell me how the 2 Z steppers sync that might be a good place to start. Prior to this the printer was working as well as a Noob could hope. I have Aldi i3 Plus with 5.2C mainboard. Have I flashed the wrong firmware ?

This is now resolved. I just needed to read the damn manual ! I was using the wrong firmware . Many thanks.