Recovering from power loss with ABL possible?

Sadly on one of my first long running prints the power cut out for long enough to kill the printer.

I am using octoprint and know by the logs the exact position and have already prepared the gcode from it’s stopping point.

But now I can’t find a way to have the printer accept the fact it is not able to do a Z-Homing and trust me for knowing it’s position.

I tried setting it via G92 X0 Y0 Z180.0 followed by a move to G1 Z181.0 F1800 but it wouldn’t budge.
Playing around with enable/disable ABL seemed to yield no change in behavior.

The print sits comfortably on it’s pei sheet so I have time to ponder how to not to lose 20h / 28h printtime.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Sorry, no idea. I don’t think you can recover.

a’right thank you for the fast reply thou!

Depending on how complex is your object, maybe you could start a new print from the point where it stopped, since you have the logs, and use some glue to bond the parts together, especially if you will have a post-treatment like painting or sanding.

I was just going to suggest a new print from where you stopped and gluing them together. You can drop every layer you’ve printed through the bottom on your slicer, and print the rest then glue them together. Probably the best option since the printer does not support resume.

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