Reboots when hot end turns on

I have been on a mission getting my printer to work. I replaced mother board Hot end and heater. Now printer reboots when Hot end turns on. I can also see temp rise to quick. If I keep rebooting till target temp is reached the rebooting stops. Is there a way to slow the on time of the nozzle?

Which firmware are you using?

3.0.2 I don’t have an auto leveler and want firmware that is pre built

3.0.2 of which firmware?


Was Their a bug? Is there a way to change duty cycle of heater?

Looks like hardware issues.

And why are you installing an old release of ADVi3++?

It was clearly marked without auto level. I will update to 4.0.6 Mainboard 5.1 part. I guess that is without leveler.


You replaced the hot end? Check the heater. It should be 24v - not 12v.

Thanks, you are correct. Or 20watt not 40. I found out the hard way.