Reboot on error

Is it normal to have to reboot octoprint after an error (min temp in this case)? Every time I get an error I have to reboot octoprint in order to get it to reconnect again. I don’t remember this happening before. The log is attached if that helps.
octoprintlog3:2.pdf (64.8 KB)

Yes. OctoPrint disconnects the printer in case of an error.

What “before” means exactly?

Yes, but should I have to reboot Octoprint every time it happens? By before, I mean I don’t remember having to reboot octoprint upon disconnect. Thanks

Which version of ADVi3++ and which version of OctoPrint?
UPDATE: I see the versions in the logs you sent.

What do you mean by “reboot OctoPrint”. I do not see this in the logs.

I have to go to the shutdown menu and reboot the system to get it to connect again.
Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 12.54.22 PM

I will check if I can reproduce this.

I just have to click on “Connect” after a fault disconnect.

Yes, this is the normal behavior. The mainboard reset on connect, like an Arduino. So far, i am not able to reproduce the issue of @patrick.

I uninstalled the old Klipper firmware I had on my Pi and that seemed to have fixed the connection issue. Thanks for checking.