READ ME FIRST: rules about posting here

This is the right place to get help about ADVi3++. This includes questions about general operation, problems with your current setup, weird issues you don’t really know how to classify, etc.

Please always make sure to

  • use only English here.
  • ask only questions related to ADVi3++ - This is not the right place to ask for help with problems related to the printer itself, the stock firmware, another firmware.
  • RTM - “Read the *** Manual” (I do not like to swear, even for joking). I put a lot of energy when writing the User Manual, so please use it. You may be especially interested by the Troubleshooting part.
  • use Search first - your problem or question might have already been discussed and solved before.
  • use a descriptive title - summarize your topic or question in a handful of words so that someone scanning through the latest topics will immediately know if that is something they might be able to help you with. “It doesn’t work” is not descriptive.
  • provide as much information as possible - Printer model, version of ADVi3++, printing from SD card or through USB, what kind of sensor and its model, etc.
  • be patient and friendly - if someone can help you, they will. Bumping a topic and screaming for attention will not get you help any faster, probably the opposite.
  • do not open more than one topic for the same issue - you are only making it harder for people wanting to help you if you force them to constantly switch topics. Just stick to “one topic per topic”.
  • do not mention more than one issue - If you have multiple issues, open multiple topics.