Prusa Slicer startup and finishing Gcode?

I am using an Wanhou Plus clone and I have loaded the LCD with 5.0.2 and the printer firmware to the same with Cura. This the bltouch version. The sample gcodes do not work correctly with this slicer. The first error I get is M140 S[material_bed_temperature_layer_0], seems that not properly decoded by the Prusa Slicer. Any one with an idea?

Have a few similar lines of gcode not working either, I will change the variable to have a value and that should work.

The same value’s work fine in Cura, but I would rather use Prusa Slicer :wink:

Cura and Prusa Slicers are not compatible. So you have to adapt the Gcode. You can find information here: 2.2.12. Customizing PrusaSlicer g-code — Bob's Project Notebook

Thanks, You have given me the tools to be able to get Prusa working… I will have a look today…

If you still have problems, tell me and I will try to help.

No need, I have it working with Prusa Slicer… Got it working tonight after watching a really good video from one of the guys on how to setup for Prusa and marlin.

G-Code Tips - Prusa Slicer - RepRap - Marlin - Chris’s Basement and the codes appear at about 28.40… YouTube

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