Problems With Filament Fan Cocoon Create #d Touch

Can any one shed any light why my filament fan is not working.

Checked manual setting and fan works on zero but not 100%

Turns off when you just set it to 5%

Does not turn fast not getting many volts only 5 tops

Can you explain a little bit more? You mean that when you set manually the speed to 100%, it turns slowly? Maybe your fan is defective. They are very cheap and I had to change it several times since I have the printer.

Fan works but it does not turn at all. I need to put a new surface mount chip on the main motherboard.
Did a continuity check on the fan mount board all checked well image image image image image

Looks like your bed MOSFET has burned. You should buy another mainboard.

Can I get a new sot323 chip and solder it on if do you know the code of the chip so I can get a new one?
Everything else still works

You said your fan is not working…

Do not take risks. We are talking of something that can burn your home and your family. Buy another board.

Hi Sebastien,
No boards available is there an easy fix,
Other brand boards all sold out.

Hi same thing happened to me when in accidentaly shorted the fan while i was monting new duct.
I removed the old chip and since the situation with corona is bad and i couldnt go to my company and use hot air welding station i just soldered three wires and put external mosfet that i found on old motherboard, any n type Mosfet would fit as long as his working voltage is 24v or more. I sugest you to find some mosfet like 35v 18a they are pretty common in most motherboards to control PWM fan.
Here are few photos what i did, its a little bit of a mess because i just wanted to solder it quickly to continue my print.
20200401_220802 20200401_220812 20200401_220839

Really messy and dangerous… You have 24V here and potentially a lot of current. 3D printers are vibrating a lot so things are potentially moving. Can catch fire if your nude wires are touching anything.

It is messy on the pictures but after that i put some non conductive gc electronics silicone glue made specialy for electronics. I alreday ordered smd chip and as soon as we start to work im gonna solder it.
As i said this is not permanent solution, but it was only thing i could do at home.