Problems after bltouch upgrade?

Hi, I decided to do some upgrades on my printer which I have had for some years and it’s done many reels of filament.

Added a bltouch smart 3.1
Added a magnetic pei plate bed
Installed advi3++ 4.0.6

I was previously using advi3++ 3.0.2. I did reset the eeprom after the upgrade to 4. The magnetic bed does look like it increases Z by about 5mm.

Having trouble getting things working because each time I try to level the bed the nozzle slams into the middle of the bed and pushes it down hard with horrible noise so I have to quickly turn printer off at the mains.

From the diagnostic screen I can see the z end stop is working ok, but it seems to be ignored in this firmware. Maybe the issue is with bltouch wiring but I’m not sure where to start. My soldering skills should be fine… anybody got ideas on what to look at, links to follow?

Help a brother get his printer back up again?



Please re-read the instructions. It looks like, from your description, that you think that the z endstop is used when using a BLTouch. This not the case. Are you also sure you have flashed the right firmware?

Had another read. Sensor passes the tests built in. It goes red and goes up and down fine turning blue on the down.

But I noticed the black and white wires are reversed - in the plug. This was a genuine antclabs 1.5m bltouch cable and I have not changed this so it would be surprising if it’s a badly wired cable.

If you think that this might cause the issue - I will modify it.

Which binaries have you flashed?

No idea. Csn you please post pictures?

All is working now. As I mentioned before I got a prewired long cable from antclabs which looked like this.


I took the JST connector apart and switched the black and white wires round.

So for future reference to anyone who finds this - the black and white wires MUST be the correct way round and never trust the manufacturer :frowning:

The picture above is the WRONG way round.

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