Problem with Bed Temperature Incorrect reading

I still can print. I am using ADVi3++4.0.3. Pictures attached. Gcode file attached. Settings attached. Is this a hardware problem. I have run the PID program many ti3D Printer Settings.pdf (74.5 KB) ADVi3Version Bed_7C Bed_19C Bed_39C Bed_77C FailedPrint [slow_ipad_stand_edited_Largenr.gcode|attachment]C.pdf the temperature shows as lower than the temperature of the room!

This is a hardware problem, probably with your bed thermistor or the wires connecting it to the motherboard. Could also be the connector on the motherboard.

I’ve seen this.
It happened with mine on a couple of occasions.
It’s caused by a break in the wire in the thermister on the bed.
In my case it was where the cables are tied to the moving bed.
The solution is to replace the thermister unit and retie to reduce the flexing at the point where the wires are tied to the bed frame.
You are wanting to spread the bending of the wire loom so it bends over the whole or most of the wire and not just in one place.
If it bends in just the one place, the continuous back and forth motion of the bed will break the wires again in as little as 2 month, if setup correctly, you can get a number of years from it.
My last broken thermister was just before I upgraded the firmware to version 4.0.0 beta, that was a while back now, but I do keep spares ready just in case :slight_smile: