Printhead moves to the right on home

I upgraded firmware, and fixed a x endstop, but when I home the printer it homes but moves to the right by 10 steps. Im at a loss.

Can you please give more information? Which printer, version of ADVi3++, BLTouch or not, etc.

Wanhao i3 plus v1, 4.05 firmware i havent install the bl touch.

Can you explain more because I do not understand your problem.

ok so when i home everything or for that matter x-axis it will move to the right 10 steps. It will not move left. I have even changed the x-axis endstop.

Sorry, still don’t get it. You press Home-X, and instead of going left until the end-stop, it goes right? What means “10 steps”? Anyway, check the cable behind the printer (the big flat cable and the cable to the step motor). It is often the cause of such strange behavior.

It moves 10 positions to the right. If it is at 140 on the x-axis with will be 150.

I did both are connected I even went and fix the wire positions so the stepper will feed when I load.

I don’t understand what it means.

I have the bond tech extrude install. I forgot to switch 2 wires. But the x axis has been happening before that

ok nevermind i figured out what the problem was.

Can you explain what the problem was? Can be useful for other people.