Printer shutdown / crash / reboot mid print

Just got the firmware flashed and working fine (4.0.5) on both the LCD and the mainboard. I started a print and about 5-10 minutes in it just rebooted. Is this a known issue? I’m starting another print and keeping an eye on it to see if the problem will repeat itself

Monoprice Maker Select Plus
Printing via sd card


Nope. I recommend to verify the cable between the mainboard and the LCD panel, including the two connectors. If the connection is lost at some point, the firmware does not like it.

I haven’t had an issue since, it was a very strange two-time issue. I’ve done many small prints and a 10 hour print. Working great!

I had this too on 4.0.5. It happened twice i think, and since i pulled the USB cable and moved to card-based printing, it’s not happened. I wondered if it could be related to the PC going through a power transition / event of some kind, as i wasn’t present either time. Card-based is more practical for me actually, as I can move the printer somewhere it isn’t so intrusive, so I didn’t pursue it any further.

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If the USB connection between the computer and the printer is lost at some point (because of a bad cable for example), it does restart the printer.