Printer refuse to Print

Hello Guys,

I have quite a Problem.

I have a Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS with BL Touch V3.1 and i run it on ADVi3++ for quite sometime now.

But for some time now i have some serious Issues.

First it started with major Layer Issues. With in the Printtime, the Print get shifted two to four times. That ruins the Print. I dont have any clue why.
But for what i spotted, the Shifts happen, when the printer has to handle narrow spots within the Infill. And when the Nozzle starts to do some fast, fine lines.

And the second and much more crutial Problem i have is, The Printer refuses to Print.

I have Installed everything like the Manual said. It has run fine for quite some time, but since one month now the Printer soes wired thing, like not to Print at all.

It goes through the G-Code, i got from the ADVi3++ Website, and does all the steps.
And when it comes to the print part. The Display says: " Printing [ā€¦]", but nothing happens. The Printhead is standing still and not moving at all. But The Printer message says Printing and the Layercount i added in Cura, starts to Count up the Layers. Without doing anything.

I have no clue what to do.
I Reinstalled the Firmware and Leveled all new, etc.

Still nothing.

Iā€™m done with my knowledge. WHat should i do?

Any help would be great. I miss my Printer :sleepy:

Thank You all and have a nice Day. :grin:

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So it is likely to be a (hardware) problems with your printer and this is not something at the (ADVi3++) software level. Maybe something disconnected somewhere. Look also the boards to see if there is any burn.

Thanks for the fast answer.

Ok, yeah i thought so. But ianted to be clear that it isnt a software thing.
yikes. ā€¦ Now i have to figure it out.

Thank you anyways and keep up the great Work.