Printer Auto Shutdown


I confirm that the default firmwarefor the Balco HE180021 did NOT have autopower recover, although I think that the hardware should support such an option.

Would be a nice feature for the future though… :wink:


If some of you have the opportunity to take pictures of the back of the HE180021 mainboard, it would be great. I hope Wanhao puts some labels as they did for the Mark II (version 5.4 of the mainboard).

Im not sure if this has happened yet or not but I am happy to strip mine down this weekend and get some more images for you as I also miss the auto shut down option (well not me but the wife hates things being on standby :slight_smile: )

Pictures of the back of the printer (with label) and of the inside are always welcome.

Hi, is anyone getting anywhere with this auto power down? Ive try the M81 but still didnt shut down . Thanks

Nobody gave me useful information, so I can’t implement it,

Hey buddy, what do you need?

“Pictures of the back of the printer (with label) and of the inside are always welcome”

-do you mean literally the label where the power cord plugs in?

-Is there somewhere specific inside that you want me to point a camera at?

I would be happy to provide any information you need. I have a Balco printer with the stock firmware.

I need the back of the printer, where the model # is printed.
In the inside, some good pictures of the auto shutdown device, where it is connected.

Hi, I snapped this one quickly for you.

I will explore getting some interior shots over the next couple of days, paying close attention to where I believe the auto shutdown is.


If you can also take a picture of the version number written on the motherboard. Thanks

The auto shutdown feature can be disabled by removing the cable from the relay board to the main board - it goes from the small white connector on the relay board to the plug labelled “Power-Det” on the main board.

I’ll post photos.

IMG_1089 This is the relay board - the small white connector is to the right of the blue relay.

IMG_1090 The cable connects to the main board at the connector labelled “POWER-DET”.

Removing this cable stops auto shutdown and allows Octoprint to retain control of the printer.IMG_1088 Label on main board
IMG_1091 Label on power supply

Rear label as posted above by Richard.

That little PCB is horrible. Mine died, Balco sent a new one, That died within 3 prints.

I now bypass the entire PCB, It’s a stupid addition.

Thanks for the pictures. However, it does not tell me how POWER-DET is connected to the Atmega2560. If any of you has a chance to make a continuty test, I would be great.

Hi Sebastien,
I have one of these printers, the pin that the relay board goes to is pin 17 (PH5).
Photos attaced.
Regards, Kevin.
ATMEGA MainBoard RelayBoard

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Thank you for this information. I will see if i can implement this. Will provably need some testers.

I’m happy to be a guinea-pig :slight_smile:

Me too!

Hi just wondering how the auto shut down was going? I think it was worth while having. Kind regards