Printer Auto Shutdown


I’ve recently flashed the latest version of advi3++ and was wondering if the stock feature of entering into standby mode after 10 mins of inactivity remains?

Thank you

Frankly, I have no idea of what you are talking about. Can you be more precise? And also indicate the model of your printer?

I have the Balco 3D printer touch HE180021. The stock firmware that the printer ships with has a standby feature where it automatically turns off the printer after 10 mins of inactivity and you have to manually turn it back on by toggling the switch off and on again.
I don’t know if that’s a Balco variant specific feature or if it’s on all the duplicator clone but I was wondering if that’s something you’re aware of and looking to bring into your custom firmware?


Yes, it is specific and you are the first one to talk about this.

I will think about it. But if I choose to implement it, it will be in a few months

I can confirm that my Balco 3D Touch printer also had shutdown with the stock firmware if that helps.

There seems to be an additional PCB on the printer to do this so if it helps please let me know @andrivet you’d like some good clear pics of the board and where it’s connected to.


I think that this board is not for the automatic shutdown but for the power loss recovery. But I also need information about that.

I’ve attached a picture of the board I assume is being talked about. Apologies if I’m wrong though. IMG_20190714_191140!IMG_20190714_143611

I believe this is related to M80 M81 codes for marlin. but i would assume turning on wouldn’t work as the psu is also providing power to the controller aswell. but would be neat with a feature to automaticly send M80 after inactive counter is checked, and touch on touchpad or touch on button wheel(like on the cr10 printers without touchpad) to send M80, thought this requires to power the motherboard at all times to be able to respond.

Is this only based on guessing or based on some facts? Do you own the same printer? Or do you suggest to implement a new feature? In this later case, please use GitHub issues list please.

Thank you for the good pictures. The board contains a SRD-05VDC-SL-C relay (the big blue cube) so yes, it may used to power off the printer from the mainboard.

I do not see well the other part of the board with the capacitor. If you can make other pictures of this board, it would be great.

im sorry I do not own the printer but i am familiar with the m codes and g codes, and M80 and M81 are related to turn on and off, but assuming the relay turns off the power a turn on is uneccesery, as it might only be able to power off, with the relay trigger. also listed in docs

IMG_20190802_170227 IMG_20190802_170519 IMG_20190802_170534

Default balco firmware behaviour is to turn off the printer after 10 mins of inactivity, it doesn’t turn back on and requires the user to cycle the power switch.

So it looks like this pcb is only for the shutdown feature, not for power loss recovery as I expected.

Do you know if your printer has power loss recovery? when the power breaks down during a print, it offers you to continue the print after a power on?
It is a feature of Mark II.

I don’t believe there is power loss recovery. There’s no mention of it in the manual. Unfortunately I can’t test it as I am on ADvi3++ 4.0.3 now. The back of the board in my previous images say power_sw, potentially meaning power switch?

Something like that. Thanks


I confirm that the default firmwarefor the Balco HE180021 did NOT have autopower recover, although I think that the hardware should support such an option.

Would be a nice feature for the future though… :wink:


If some of you have the opportunity to take pictures of the back of the HE180021 mainboard, it would be great. I hope Wanhao puts some labels as they did for the Mark II (version 5.4 of the mainboard).

Im not sure if this has happened yet or not but I am happy to strip mine down this weekend and get some more images for you as I also miss the auto shut down option (well not me but the wife hates things being on standby :slight_smile: )

Pictures of the back of the printer (with label) and of the inside are always welcome.

Hi, is anyone getting anywhere with this auto power down? Ive try the M81 but still didnt shut down . Thanks