Printed object not correct height

Hello, I have upgraded to 4.0.5 on my aldi cocoon create, with a version 2 bltouch and I am having an issue.

I printed a square part that was 9mm height in the slicer but when printed it was only 3.7mm height.

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Or do you need more information.

Which slicer? And would be better to share your gcode.

Cura, And the gcode for the print is :slightly_smiling_face:

Copy of full gcode.

I look at your gcode. It says:

Layer height: 0.25

and you have 14 layers. So it will never give 9mm. I also load your gcode in a GCode Viewer and it does give something like 3.41mm for the last layer.

So the firmware is printing correctly.

Thank you for looking in to this, So I will have to look in to my slicer settings and see what the hell has happened.

Are you bringing your object into Cura as an STL? If so, check that you don’t have an imperial/metric units mismatch between your original object source file and your STL. STLs are unitless and Cura expects measurements for STLs to be in mm. The fact that 9/2.54 is dangerously close to the height your object ended up at leads me to believe unit mismatch may be an issue.

Is 9mm what Cura is showing, or is that from some precursor CAD or object file?

Also, are all dimensions of the object affected, or just the height?