Print stop and nozzle park

Hi, today I had the same issue (1st time) I have a print that has stopped @ 45.12 layer height after 16 hours 30min 28sec the total height is 123.5. it seems to have just parked off to the side. On the screen it says g Code 0%, does this mean it has finished what it thought it was doing? Is there a file size limit? It’s 122.4MB so don’t think it would be. When I load the g Code back into the slicer (ideamaker) the print is complete. I’m a day into this and would like to save it if possible so any ideas? I tried unloading and reloading filament then hit resume in case that kicked it along but nothing. Also, I’m looking at g Code on pc, not on the SD card. Bed and extruder are still at temp, is there a way to recover? If it is an SD card issue as suggested above, can I remove SD card edit code and attempt to proceed, has anyone tried this?
Sorry, I’m not with the printer so can’t report firmware versions etc. at the moment.
Thank you.



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No (in the limit of what FAT allows)

Do not know this slicer, never use it, never made tests with it.


Very tricky and unreliable.

Your issue looks like either a SD card problem or a micro-power outage.