Print just randomly stops part way through print

I’ve been dealing with this on and off for a while.

Slicing using CURA 4.5, Maker Select Plus printer on version ADVi3++ 4.0.6, manual bed leveling version.

I’ve tried printing this file 5 times today, and each time the printer just stops at random and does not finish printing. The last attempt got about 75% of the way done before it stopped.

I have tried re-slicing with Cura and re-saving as a new file, The issue continued to appear.

Additionally, on occasion the print head makes unnecessary side trips to ether the side and back or to the back and back.

PETG_Nose Wheel Mount V2.gcode (6.8 MB)

This looks like a hardware problem. Perhaps an issue with the power supply. When you said it stopped, what happens exactly?

It seems to just stop processing gcode instructions. the print head and bed completely stop, but the head and bed temp stays as if it is still printing. The status screen looks as if it is still printing as well.

Are you printing from a SD card? From OctoPrint? Something else?

I always print from SD card. Sorry i should have thought to put all this info in the first post.

Have you tried with another SD card? What you describe looks like a SD card problem.

I am trying that today. I ran tests on the SD card and everything seems fine but today i’m testing new card just to see.

I’ve had exactly the same issue for over a year on my Balco 3D Touch (Various ADVi3 4.xx versions). Print just stops dead at random. Extruder/bed heating and fans continue but the machine just locks up. Sometimes it will do it within a couple of minutes, other times it can be hours. Size or duration of print seems to make no difference.

Tried several SD cards. With and without Octoprint makes no difference. I finally solved it by switching to Klipper firmware and it’s printed flawlessly since. Not sure if it’s a firmware issue per-se or just that Klipper somehow behaves in a way that prevents whatever else is wrong from manifesting itself.

At some point I was going to try returning to stock firmware to see if that helped but never got round to it after getting Klipper up and running.

I’d like to return to ADVi3 if possible so am very much interested if anyone can help. Looking forward to the Marlin 2 versions for testing :slight_smile:

@thejust It can help also if you plug a Terminal on the USB port to see if there is any error message.

@Darren_Blythe interesting. Thanks for sharing. The most common causes for such behavior are by far bad SD cards and bad USB cables. But in your case, it looks like something else. If it is indeed a bug in Marlin 1.1.9 or ADVi3++, it may be better in Marlin 2. Would be interesting to see.

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Totally forgot to reply. A new SD card did fix my problem. Thank you.