Pid tuning Failed


I’ve installed an E3d v6 bowden setup on my i3 Duplicator Plus.

I’ve tried to do a PID tune due to the hotend shooting up to 240c when I ask it to warm up to 200c.

Unfortunately it keeps saying PID tune failed.

Is there any way I can fix this? As I’d like it to stop shooting up to silly temps

If not, I suppose I’ll have to switch back to direct drive, but I’m hoping to avoid that if possible.


Sorry, I have some difficulties to understand your question. You try to set the temp to 240°C and you are not able to reach more than 200°C? If it is the case, the problem has nothing to do with PID, it can’t help.

And since it is not related to ADVi3++, I move this to a more appropriate category.


No that’s not what I meant.

I try to do a PID tune. I set 200c as the target temp.
It starts to heat the hotend.
It heats up the hotend very very quickly.
It then goes past 200c and keeps rising.
Then it reports that PID Tuning Failed.

The temperature gets to around 235/240 before it stops and starts to come down.

Also I’ve noticed, that if I ask it to do a preheat utilising both the hotend and the bed, the machine will Shut off and then come back on. As if it was drawing too much power.

Could this be the effect of the E3d V6 heater cartridge?

Looks like it is. The firmware needs perhaps to be modified to take care of specificities of your heater. I do not know it, so hard to tell for sure.

Thanks for the reply.

Just to update you, I managed to use the stock heater and its working as intended

Check to make sure you were using a 24v heater. What you describe sounds like what might happen with a 12v heater.