PID Tune and temperature dip during printing?

Hi All,

Cocoon Create Touch with ADVi3++ v4.0.6. I have recently installed a new hot end. The hardware is a stock heater cartridge and thermistor. I’ve conducted a extruder PID tune and E-steps calibration. The printer is printing well with about 10 prints conducted. I notice in the live plot of my printing temperatures that there is an initial temperature fluctuation and on every print, at about 5 minutes after starting extruding, there is a drop of about 7 degrees C in the extruder. It then heats back up to the set extruder temperature and continues the print with no problem. The screen shot shows me changing from a previous print to starting a new one. The temperature dip I am referring to is near -2 mins.

It is not detrimental to the print. I have not seen this before with the previous hot end fitted. Reporting this more as an issue for tracking. Any feedback welcomed.

Screenshot 2021-02-01 023344

Looks like a hardware problem so I move it to a more appropriate category.

Are you sure the thermistor is good and does not move during the print?

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