Offset issue

I have a BL touch and I’m having some troubles with it. When I go to set the z offset it stores but when I go to start a print it starts printing way to high off of the bed. I’m not sure if I need to set it lower or what but I have tried everything to as far as entering the z offset in the firmware and that still doesn’t work. I am wondering what I should do. There is nothing in the start gcode of cura that would delete the z offset value and this issue is happening even when I use prusa slicer. I am at a loss about what’s happening
If anyone else is having this issue please let me know and if.yoi have a fix that would be even better.

Can you give some informations like the exact model of your printer, the exact model of your BLTouch, how do you set the z offset, etc?

It’s the wanhao i3 plus not mark2 with a v2 smart BL touch. In order to set the z I go in via the menu under tuning, sensor and then z height. I adjust the z height accordingly.

Are you sure of your cabling, especially the zend white cable?

Yes cabling is all correct I triple checked.

Which version of ADVi3++ are you using?

I am using 4.0.5

So far you are the only one with such issue. So I am assuming it is not an problem in the firmware. Can you explain in details what you are doing (how you flash, how you set the z offset, how you print ) and share also one of your gcode file?

Ok. I will share one of my gcode files. Here is the GCODE file
I flashed the mainboard first and then I flashed the LCD. As for seting the offset I followed the on screen instructions exactly and
also the guide here. As far as printing I use cura which the included gcode is from curaWDI3P_xyzCalibration_cube.gcode (450.3 KB)

The BLTouch you are using (Smart v2) is not sold for some years so it is probably quite old. Are you sure it works correctly?

I Meant to say the v3 not v2 it has the plastic pin not the metal one

I am currently printing your file and do not see any gap. It prints on the bed. Can you take a picture of your BLTouch on the printer and of the nozzle? What are your settings in Settings / Sensor?

What does mean? Have you made any other modification?

I fixed the issue. Are apparently my z offset was not low enough

Thanks for the help. I really like the firmware keep up the good work.

What was your z offset before the fix? So I can add this in the Troubleshooting page.

My z offset was -0.6 before and now it’s -0.8