Nozzle wipe position


I have a rear mounted cooler and I’ve just installed Adv3iapp and noticed that the nozzle wipe is under the cooler at the back (impossible to get at to remove at the start of the print) … I’m wondering if the position of the nozzle wipe is configurable without changing the source code and recompiling ? Eg using a line or two of g code.



Sorry, I do not understand what you are talking about. There is no wipe position in the firmware.

The nozzle wipe in the stock (Aldi Balco in my case) has the nozzle wipe on the front left corner and then goes to the print. On the advi3pp I’ve just installed it nozzle wipes Behind the print.

I like to pull off the nozzle wipe with tweezers as if filament is a bit stringy is stretches under the area of the first layer) - it’s much easier to do this at the front or side (depending on the location and size of the print).


Again, there is no wipe position in the firmware. Are you sure it is not set in your startup g-code? How do you print (slicer, starting g-code, …)?

I just used a gcode model (pre change to adv3ipp) to test … on the Balco firmware it did the nozzle wipe on the front left corner and then moved/started the prints from the front of the bed. On the adv3ipp (exact same gcode still on same sd card) firmware itstarted at the centre of the bed Then did the nozzle wipe a little behind this, then moved to the front of the bed to start the print.

It’s no big deal, just that there’s a thin filament string dragged across the model from front to back from nozzle wipe to starting the print.

There’s a makers muse article on YouTube I think from recollection using Startup gcode to mimic The Prusa nozzle wipe at the front of the bed on Wanhao i3 plus … so I’ll look in to this


You have a BLTouch, right? So you can’t compare with a printer without a BLTouch. Of course, the behavior is different, Again, there is no wipe position in ADVi3++. It is very probably your startup gcode that instructs the nozzle to be in the middle at the start of the print. It is not ADVi3++. The firmware follows gcodes, that’s all. And yes sure by modifying your startup script, you can instruct the nozzle to go elsewhere.

So can you please provide enough Information. Like your startup gcode (are you using the one I recommended or another one?) the slicer you are using, how you print, … without proper and precise information, i can’t help.

If you do not know how to get your starting gcode, you can also put here one of your .gcode file (in a zip) and I will look at it.

Nozzle wipe functions are part of the slicer setting’s not part of the firmware.
Depending on which slicer you are using it may have different names, in S3D it’s known as the Prime Pillar.
The size and general position of the Prime Pillar can be changed in the slicer settings.
In S3D it’s under the Additions tab in the FFF Settings.
Normally this type of setting is used with multiple extruders to help with color or material changes during a print.

There are no firmware settings for this at all, it’s all in the slicer.
Not sure why you would use this in a single nozzle printer.

After installing a Bltouch/advi3pp, I tested with a gcode file previously generated and used on the stock Balco firmware/default cura profile.

On the stock Balco the nozzle wipe was in the bottom left hand corner and the printed started at the bottom of the model.

Using the same gcode file (generated/printed with previously on the Balco) the nozzle wipe was behind the model now and started printing like before at the bottom of the model … which (as I have a custom rear mounted cooler) meant that I couldn’t remove the filament before printing (with tweezers) and more importantly the filament strand stretched across the model before it started printing.

Like I say I’ve seen a video from recollection from Makers Muse with a few lines of gcode (On a Wanhao duplicator) to mimick the prusa style front of bed wipe which should (if it works) sort it out and be a better solution.

When I get a bit of time I’ll crib up on gcode and try it out


Take the starting gcode I recommend and it will solve your problem.

Will do,



Thanks @andrivet!

I had the same problem as the OP when upgrading from a factory Cocoon Create Touch to v4.0.6 with BLtouch. If I re-use a g-code file sliced in Cura before the firmware upgrade, the extruder drops a blob of ooze just behind the print footprint, in a place I cannot clear before the main print starts. With @andrivet suggested g-code loaded into Cura settings, the extruder expels some filament at the bottom left corner then proceeds to the central print area nicely. Basically the same functionality as before, but seems to be tweaked to ensure the ooze detaches from the nozzle better before starting the print.

Although it’s my first day of testing, the upgrade is looking awesome! Like a brand new printer without the wallet pain! Serious props to @andrivet. You’re doing great stuff here.

Thanks a lot, I’ll try this … i have to admit after looking at the Makers Muse video I quite fancy as well having a bash at modifying the starting gcode (to be put in cura) to mimick the Prusa style front nozzle wipe as well now.