Need help with monoprice maker select v2 Model 15711

i could not get the ADVi3 firmware to install on the printer but was able to get the TH3d firmware to work from the Arduino software and putting a bootloader on it

i would like to run the ADVi3 firmware on it i think i have the Model 15711 printer
any help would be great

thank you
chris T

Can you be more specific. I can’t help with so few information.

It is better is you are sure. Please give enough information (name of the printer, revision number of the motherboard, …)

Will this help
image image


It is not a 15711. As written on the sticker, it is a model 13860. So it is not a Maker Select PLUS but an older model. It is not supported by ADVi3++ since your printer does not a graphical screen.

Can I add the screen

I don’t think so.