Need Cura settings

I just wanted to repair my maker 3 plus and when I replaced the motherboard I found out it was wrong firmware.I don’t have a sensor so I loaded binary 3.0.2. Seems to work with my old g code I created on cura but I am confused on what to set my cura settings for since the printer is a bit of a hybrid now. My prints were never good compared to the Prusa I have at work. Any tips on slicers, settings or Latest firmware I should be using would be great.

I do not understand. Which binary?

What do you mean by that?

There is a profile in Cura for Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus.

The latest ADVi3 firmware is 4.0.6. I think you will need to be a Patron to have access.

You should make sure that the Z axis frame is square to the X-Y plane and adjust the Z stop for a good first layer.

Good Luck.

I was confused over Marlin and Reprap and if different settings were needed in Cura

Thanks. Does 4.0.6 work for printers without auto level?

Yes if you flash the right binary (i.e not a binary for BLTouch or Mark II)

You mean for the G-Code flavor? ADVi3++ is based on Marlin.