My BLTouch is not working: it deploys and stows its pin, but it does not detect the bed when homing the printer

  • First, be sure you have a genuine BLTouch. You can test it on ANTCLABS web site.
  • Then be sure you have flashed the right firmware. There are different binaries depending of the version of the BLTouch (for BLTouch Smart version 3 and higher, for BLTouch before version 3).
  • Then follow this test procedure:
  1. Go into Controls / Move :

  1. Press on the Z up button to raise the head. You need to have enough space to touch the BLTouch tip with your hand or an object.
  2. Be sure to have your hand near the power button of your printer.
  3. Press on the Z home button. The printer will home its X and Y axis and then will deploy the BLTouch tip and move down the head.
  4. Touch gently the BLTouch tip to stow it. If it does not stop the head from moving down, POWER DOWN THE PRINTER . It means that there is a problem with your cabling, probably the black and white cables.