MP Maker Select Plus newly flashed

I am a recent addition to the 3d printing world, and just tonight I flashed firmware on my Maker Select Plus. I went back and forth about which model software to install, since my printer is the MP Maker Select Plus. I initially flashed the Mark II version, since information I found indicated my printer, model # 15711, was indeed the Mark II clone. After flashing that firmware, none of my motor stops were working. I then tried to flash the standard firmware, and that seems to have fixed my stop issues. But now it doesn’t seem to remember the Z-axis when it gets rebooted. What am I doing wrong? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

What printer do you have exactly? Can you please post some pictures of it and also of its mainboard? The version number is written on it.

according to the manufacturer label on the back, its a Monoprice 15711. I will pull the cover and try to get the mainboard info to post. Thank you

I pulled the bottom plate off. Only markings I could find, other than terminal labels, were the Wanhao symbol and url, and a “V5.1” up by the LCD ribbon connector. I couldn’t get more than one image to load here, so I am sharing my Google Drive link below.
thank you again for the assistance.

So it is a Mark I, not a Mark II. The firmware to flash is:
Mainboard 5.1 part ADVi3pp-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex

Ok, that was my conclusion also. I have that installed now, but the Z setting isn’t sticking after a restart. Whatever position it was in before the printer is shutoff, becomes the new 0.0 point for the Z axis when it comes back on. Then I have to manually lower it within the settings. The “home” icon doesn’t work.

The installation of the wrong firmware may have corrupted settings. Have you tried to reset the settings?

What does this mean?

I am not sure how to do that. I was thinking about using that EEPROM eraser to get a clean slate, but I am not having any boot loop issues.
The manual adjustment i was referring to was using the motor control, selecting the Z Home button, then letting it go down until it shuts off with the Z stop. Then it re-zeros. But if i turn it off, and back on with Z , it starts with the Z axis at 0, no matter where it is. Maybe that is normal, and I am just not familiar enough with the program.

Go to Settings and touch the top-right icon.

Looks like normal.

I did the reset, and its still behaving the same, so I am guessing its normal. So, is best practice to set all motors to Home to zero them out, prior to starting a print? Just never had to do that before in all my 3 months of experience (lol).
I appreciate your help, and confirmation of correct firmware installation, at least on the 2nd flash. If nothing else, I am enjoying the multicolor LCD, and the user temp presets. Makes setting up a cold pull much easier.