Monoprice Maker select Plus On A Continual Reboot Sequence

A few months ago I uploaded ADVi3pp onto my Monoprice Maker Select Plus. I made a few prints with it but put the printer away for a few weeks because I was moving. When I set it back up after the move I was never able to get it to print again or show anything on the LCD. I plugged it into my computer and ran Pronterface to see what the printer was doing. All the printer does is loop through a reboot sequence it will run the ADVi3pp 4.0.3 boot information then cycle back off and do it again. I thought my motherboard was fried but tonight I noticed on the 4.0.5 binary release page a file CleanEEPROM.ino with a description that matches exactly my issue. How to I use this to clean motherboard and LCD and install the new 4.0.5? Thank you in advanced!

However, your problem looks like something is not well connected in your printer.

I don’t doubt that possibility, cura doesn’t even recognize the printer when hooked up. I’ll try it on my Linux computer this evening. Would that cause the LCD to not work? I fear I may have damaged it fitting it in a different enclosure but I’m not for certain. Is there separate instructions for uploading firmware with Linux?

It can’t since your printer is rebooting.

Very often, it is the cable between the LCD panel and the motherboard. Or the sockets for this cable.

Everything is explained in the manual.