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When Z home is called for the printhead stops somewhere near the center of the bed when using the ADVi3PP-BLTouch3-Mainboard-4.03.hex. Monoprice Maker Select Plus BLTouch setupMonoprice Maker Select Plus BLTouch setup. I have pictures of the wiring but I do not know how to post them. The BLTouch is V3.1. The 3d printer was fabricated in 2016. Model 15711 I believe.




Your problem is very likely a wiring problem. You have a bad contact somewhere. It looks like you have soldered individual pins on the motherboard (not sure)? I really recommend to solder instead dual rows pin headers (2 x 5 pins, 2.54mm).

Dupont connectors are also often the cause of problems, especially if you have built the cable yourself.