MonoPrice Maker Select Plus and BlTouch bed leveling Problems

I just installed a BL touch on my Monoprice Maker Select Plus. However When i try to home the z axis or level it, it slams into the print bed, and it keeps going. I checked the wiring and the solder connections are good. Not quite sure what to try next Im kinda new at this.

Which version of BLTouch? Which version of ADVI3++? Which binary have you used to flash the mainboard? How is the BLTouch wired to the mainboard?

Please provide enough information.

Seen this happen when the Black and White wires are reverse :slight_smile:Assuming you have them connected to the Z lower limit.

With ADVi3++ 4 and Wanhao i3 Plus Mark I (or clones), the BLTouch is not connected to the Z end stop but to the Z probe connector.

I have it wired as directed. IMG_20200610_143046 The white wire is in the middle. (Its just black because I had to splice it to make it longer.) I checked the solder connections with a mulitmeter so it shouldnt be the connections, the lights on the sensor work. Im using the 4.0.6 firmware.

This is really not the right way to do this. At a minimum, I highly recommend to at least clean the soldering residues. They can be conductive and there is a 24V line very need the Z-probe area, able to draw a lot of current.

You can’t test an intermittent bad connection with a multimeter.

It means that the orange wire is good (#40). It says nothing about the white (black in your case) is good.

And on the other end, how is it wired?

If it can help you, I have a special build of the firmware (pre-4.0.7) to help diagnosis BLTouch problem. I can send it to you but there is no UI so you will need to send the commands manually.

I re soldered the connections with pin connectors so Im pretty doubtful its the connection at this point. The wires are just plugged into the Bl Touch unit. Im willing to try inputting commands from 4.0.7 however I would need some help figuring that out.

The BLTouch has a connector so you have soldered directly on it?


So you give one few information after the other… this is a little irritating. For example on your pictures, one side of the cable (motherboard) is black and the other side (BLTouch) is white… and of course you don’t explain what is between the two.

So I conclude that I can’t help you. I am helping only people that give enough information.

I’m sorry I just didn’t understand your question. The white wire on the Bltouch wasn’t long enough to reach the pin, So I took another wire I had (Which is Black) and spliced them together to make a longer wire to reach the mother board. Probably should have found a white wire, but its just what I had lying around. There is nothing between the Bltouch and motherboard, the wires run directly to the motherboard. You keep talking about whats between them, is there supposed to be something in between the Bltouch and motherbaord?

Make sure you are using the correct mount and that your BLTouch is low enough to engage properly. I had the same issue and I had to lower the bltouch. Have you tested it well above the bed to see if the bltouch would stop the z axis?