MK2 Version 4.0.3 E1 Heating Failed

Im sure im missing something here.

Printer not touched apart from the firmware LCD flashing so the hotend is certainly working previous. Ive flashed a couple of time and same effect. Also I have the version mismatch problem despite repeated flashing - coincidence?

Thanks for you thoughts given the time of year!

This is a know problem with some LCD. It is only a warning and has no effect. It can help if you can explain a little more what’s happening, how you print, …

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No worries with the mismatch

Any ideas on the Error? E1 Heating failed?

Appreciate you responding so close to xmas!

I should have said, this error is from preheating the nozzle only, to 220, no heating and quickly the error

Very often, when flashing the LCD, you have to move the printer and sometimes, the cables behind the printer (“Interface boards”) get loose. Not sure at all it is that, but is happened to other people.

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checked all connections and reflashed stock firmware, all working.

I havent managed to print anything etc, this is error from first trying, bed heats ok, preheat or print from file not heating hotend.

I will change my SD card and re-try.

Will update either way,

Merry Xmas

Did you resolve this issue? I’m having the same e1 error at hotend heating following heatbed reaching set point.
Please let me know if you get a chance.