Mini sd reader not working

my maker select plus mini sd card reader on LCD board doesn’t read files to change ADVi3++ version change. is there anything I cando or do I have to get another board?

What do you mean by “ doesn’t read files”. Can you explain what happens? If it microSD card reader is broken, it depends on your skills and material. It is possible to solder a new one. Otherwise, you will need a new LCD screen.

When I turn the printer off. Then insert a micro sad card with the LCD information and the turn the printer back on it doesn’t turn blue it just loads the information I was trying to overwrite

Unless you see that the microSD reader is damaged, the problem is more likely your microSD card or its formatting. Are you using a microSD of less than 8GiB?

my 8GiB micro SD card is working in all my other readers I have used it before and it worked just fine. i was going to go back to the ADVi++ 4.0.2 (from ADVi3++ 4.0.6) to try and see if it would fix my leveling problem when this problem turned up it was just a question whether anyone in the community had a similar experiance and knew what to do lets stick with the BL Touch V3.1 Auto Level Fail - #18 by andrivet thanks

Yes, it happened for other people and in all cases it was the way they prepare the microSD. You gave no information about that. In fact, you gave almost no info at all. It is hard to help you.

The LCD panel is not “another reader”. It is very limited in its support of FAT and if there is any small mistake, it will not read the files.

i always format the card before installing the files