Making changes to the firmware

I have a heavily modified Wanhao Duplicator i3+. I have extended the Z height to 290mm. I have been trying to print a part that is 220mm high. I’ve tried it twice and it stops printing at 180mm. I have the slicer set to 290mm, but the Z height always stops at 180mm.

I’m pretty sure that I need to tell the firmware that the machine can print up to 290mm. Using Arduino to modify the configuration file is easy. But I can’t figure out how to make the change from the binary that I downloaded.

Any help?

You have to do this from the sources, not the binary.

OK, thanks. I’ll give that a try.

It looks likwe this is a pretty difficult procedure to do.

Normally, you just create the micro SD card and flash the LCD. Then you just use Cura to flash the firmware for the main board. But I have to change the Z height parameter in the configuration.h file to 290mm in order to take advantage of the full hweight of my printer. I can find that fikle in itself and make the change, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I then have to flash the entire firmware to the board, not just that file.

It’s gonna take me a while to figure this out I guess.

This is the way those printers are working. Source code is compiled into machine code in binary format.

I think I figured it out. I downloaded the source files and figured out how to edit the configure.h file to reflect the 300mm height that my printer is capable of. I downloaded the source files from Github and edited the config.h file to 300mm Z height.

But something just dawned on me. Which version have I downloaded and configured? I’d like to be using 4.0.5. Before I started this, I was running 3.0.0. If this is the correct version., I’m assuming that flashing the LCD and mainboard are basically the same as using the binaries. I’m just using the modified main board hex file to flash that board. The LCD should remain unchanged. I just have to make sure that both the LCD and mainboard versions are the same.

I think I got to the right place to download the source files for 4.0.5. I’ll give it a shot and see what happens. I think this answers the questioin above.


I figured it out. I’m now running V4.0.5 and my Z height now goes all the way up to 325mm.

It has been a while since doing this kind of stuff, but as I started working through it, things started to come back to me. It seems to be working now.

Thank you for all you do!

how to access to sources? it’s says that i don’t have access

What? The sources are public, and published on GitHub:

Which link says no access?

i mean here on community site:

I know ho to flash Marlin firmware… but LCD its difficult… i was trying to find some info how to make it, here on community site, but have no luck…

This link is not the sources but a document explaining how to build the sources in various IDE. It is exclusive to the supporters of the project on Patreon.

how can i find some info if i’m not Panteron? I think that binaries is for Patreons but info how to make binaries is for everyone. I mean is there any post how to do it from source?

You think wrongly. Supporters of the project on Patreon have “Access to Patron-only content. In particular, early access to Beta releases, new documents, pre-build binaries and some areas of ADVi3++ Community such as the Advanced User Manual”.

It is also written in plenty of places here. So please stop hijacking this thread.