Magnetic flex plate

Two of weeks ago I installed a Energetic 3D 3Dmax-PEI magnetic build plate on my Monoprice I3 Plus printer. It is a thousand time better than my previous glass setup. To install I trimmed the corners of the magnetic panel prior to gluing to the heated bed, I later purchased 4 3 x 25 mm flathead screws and drilled a taper in the heated plate to flush mount the panel.

I find it necessary to use hairspray to get good adhesion. It washes off with alcohol.

A really nice feature is the plate easily lifts off the bed and with a small flex the part pops off. Definitely going to get a couple more.

I also purchased another brand with a different type of removable magnetic plate. Have not tried it yet. It will attach to the current magnetic base, just need to adjust the height.

While I was at it I 3D printed some adjustment knobs that use 3mm nuts with the nylon lock. Two weeks without adjusting the bed!!!

On the subject of magnetic build plates I’ve had good luck with the WhamBam build plates ( same concept as every other magnetic build plate out there but the cheapest I found.

Prior to that I also did an experiment with two sheets of magnetic material (just the self-adhesive kind you can order off Amazon), one stuck to the bed, the other magnetically attached to it with buildtak on the sticky side. Worked great and flexed a lot more than any of the metal beds so part removal was fantastic even for thin parts, but you need a tight auto-level (5x5 or more points).

Haven’t tried removing a build surface from either yet though the buildtak on my WhamBam plate is getting to that point. I assume I can just crank the bed to 100C to peel off the WhamBam coating. The two magnetic sheets I would consider the print surface layer disposable when your build surface wears out.

I recently got a staymag sheet that I applied to the bed, and then an everflex PEI coated spring steel plate to go on that. No clips needed and I’ve had everything stick to it without needing a product. When the print is done, I lift off the steel sheet and slightly flex it to have the print pop off. It’s been fantastic. I can now use the full bed again unlike when I had the glass plate before. I got both at