M300 music?

I saw a Reddit post with “gcode music” and have learned this has been a think for quite awhile. It makes sense, sort of like the floppytron videos.

I tried adding some gcode to my beginning script but I only get one beep, has anyone else had luck getting it to work with the maker select plus? Is it even possible? The regular m300 beep works fine, just not multiple in a row or in a melody.

This is not an appropriate category for such message. I move it.

This printer has a buzzer. So you can’t expect to obtain anything else from M300 except a buzz.

Ah! Thank you for the reply and I’m sorry for putting it In the wrong forum! Should it not repeat the beeps though with multiple m300s? Or does it ignore the subsequent m300 codes?

I do see it should be possible by commenting #SPEAKER in configuration.h and rebuilding. Just for fun I did it because why not - now that I have that firmware tweak installed, I need to find a speaker to replace the buzzer!