Locking the leveling nuts after bltouch

I’m getting tired of leveling my bed before every print. I’ve noticed that a few of the nuts are easier to turn than others. My thought is to install a bltouch, then either put a lock between the plate (below the spring) and the original wheel to lock the first level down. This way, when I scrape off a print, the bed won’t get majorly unlevel and have to go through this again.

Has anybody done this? Do you recommend using loctite instead? Add a nut to the end of the screw, below the wheel?

I am using this:


with a self-locking nut inside each wheel.

Yep, I use these too - a great addition to my printer!

I replaced the springs with PCB spacers to reduce any movement of the bed. All good so far, however it removes the suspension effect if the nozzle ever crashes in to the bed.

Thanks all for the responses. I don’t have a glass bed yet but it’s on my list, after the bltouch. I think part of the problem is that the springs don’t hold the wheel nuts tight enough, so when I scrape things off, they become loose and it throws the adjustment off. The other thing I noticed is that if I set things on a cold or warm bed and extruder. If I adjust it when everything is cold, it seems like when the printer warms up and prints, things are too far off and the filament doesn’t stick. If I adjust things when the printer is hot, I have better luck with that first layer.

I like the locking nut idea. I think I may go for that. Thank You!

In my startup gcode for bltouch, the automatic leveling is done just after the heating of the bed for this reason.

Hi. I also use the M3 lock nuts superglued (Loctite) into a 3D printed thumbwheel and also the spring guides (as shown in Sebastian’s pic. I also recommend the magnetic bed surfaces. Peel off the old one and clean the bed, then attach the lower magnetic plate with the adhesive that comes with it. No more ‘scraping’ to remove your part, just flex the magnetic surface. The magnetic surfaces are no more than $20. Other thing I like with that is when my glue stick adhesive goes all flaky and needs re-doing, I just peel off the surface, wash it in the sink, dry it and then replace it. Works really well for me and I rarely have to level my build plate.

Along with the BL touch I replaced the springs with “Heatbed Silicone Leveling Columns” I found on Amazon. It really solved my problem with the screws backing out by adding more resistance than springs would provide but still allow enough movement to get the bed leveled. Just screw them on real tight to give them a real good squish. They haven’t moved position since I installed them last December.15887985821786015055075175547649|666x500

If i may ask then, what is a good substitute for the wheel and the spring?

Thank you!

I am going one better, a Magnetic release bed from Amazon:

Then I won’t have to use a hammer and chisel to remove my parts.

Happen to have a link to stl file for these?

I took them from Thingiverse long time ago.

These are what I’m planning to put on my printer as soon as I pick up some lock nuts

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I removed the springs and used some M3 thumb nuts to hold the build platform up. The black thumb nut is what I bought, and the big silver thumbnut is stock. This allows easy adjustment if needed(only needed once), and it’s been rock solid since.