LCD stuck on info screen

New to ADVi3++ and am attempting to flash 4.0.6 for the first time. I’ve followed both the How to Flash and Alternate ways to flash instructions to create the microSD and get the same results each time. I’ve now used 2 different sandisk 8GB cards and attempted to flash both 4.0.6 and 4.0.3 to the LCD. i have not yet flashed the mainboard.

After power on with the microSD inserted, it cycles through every image (double checked comparing it to thumbnails from the zip) and then settles on the hotend image 000_boot. Power off, remove microSD, power on and 000_boot flashes for a half second and then shows 089_info_p and becomes unresponsive.

On both microSD cards now i’ve tried through Etcher to flash 4.0.6, etcher to flash 4.0.3, and DOS prompt “format G: /FS:FAT32 /V:LCD /A:4096” then manual copy of the files to disk, again with both 4.0.6 and 4.0.3. I’ve even continuity tested and reseated the ribbon cable on the LCD and mainboard. Same results every time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

tl;dr I’m an overcautious idiot. Stopped too soon in the process. All i had to do was flash the mainboard and now i’m good. There was never a problem to begin with.

Over the years i’ve flashed more than a few different types of lcd panels and eproms and have become overcautious when any part of the process does not behave exactly as expected. After flashing and rebooting, i was expecting to see the main screen, a version mismatch, error message, or just plain be unresponsive. Not show an out of sequence image. So i stopped. Too soon it seems. I had no wish to potentially brick my mainboard if any part of the process had been corrupted (files, physical media, cabling, antivirus, w/e). Anywho, sorry for the spam and maybe this might help someone that they are on the right path.