LCD panel stuck on "Connecting to Mainboard..."

Hello, i have a prolem, i download latest img file, make it on sd card, and do all the things via printer, all images gone throw, and after that on the display i see connecting to mainboard and only stuck there, nothing else happening. printer is wanhao i3 duplicator i3 plus.

if i need to upload picture just tell me.

The most common reason of this behavior is that the LCD panel is not well connected to the mainboard. Check the cable between the two to be sure it is not damaged. And check the two connectors. Very often, the flat cable moves a little. There is still power (because there are 6 lines for that) but no communication (only 1 line for each direction).

I solve the problem, while it was written connecting to mainboard, i get into the cura, instal the driver for printer, when i install the driver, automaticly on the display, started to show some options, then i update the firmwire via cura, and after that all work perfectly.

Thanks for help.

You mean that you only updated the LCD panel? ADVi3++ can’t work if both parts are not updated and with the same version.

I watched tutorial on YT, and guy shows that first update LCD and after he did that, he update the mainboard. but i update both parts, and now its working perfect.

A Youtube tutorial about version 5? I don’t think so. It is a bad idea to follow random, old, Youtube tutorials. I made an extensive documentation that explains step by step how to flash. Why not following it?

I follow it, that’s why i solve the problem. It’s on guthub page, how to flash,i use that article and solve it.

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