LCD issues getting to 4.06

I’ve followed the guides and looked at a few others who had issues, but mine seems to end at a weird place that I haven’t seen mention
I have the Cocoon Create Touch, I have formatted the LCD using the Wanhao method, then used the 3.0 LCD firmware to get the update to move anywhere, however I am now unable to get a working version of 4.06
I’m just wondering if I am missing something in the update as the 3.0 files included the TFT folder as well as DWprj.tft and DWprj.hmi, i don’t see these on the image created or in the raw files for the later versions
I have updated the mainboard now to 4.06 as I thought the screen would fix up after that, but it looks like thisIMG_4600

I’m doing this to install a BLTouch

Many thanks

If I install 3.0.2 i get a working screen and mainboard upgrades fine showing versions on the screen, all looking great.
Take it to 4.0 and the screen looses the temp settings and looks like the above, not sure what I am doing wrong, so will stick to 3.0.2 for now

A couple of the screens on 3.0.2 are displaying white, i can pres on the screen and enter menus, but it looks like I need to do some tweaks.
Screens affected are Settings and Tuning

What is that?

And are you sure you have flashed both mainboard and LCD with the same version? Looks like it is not the case.

This is part of the sources, not of the binaries. They are useful when you want to modify the screens, not to flash the LCD. That’s why I removed them in version 4.x. They are still in the repository of the sources.

Again, have you flash both the mainboard and the LCD to 4.0.6?

I am no more supporting version 3.x. It is far too old.

Thanks Sebastien


I used and ADVi3pp-BLTouch3-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex
I have not installed the BLtouch yet, so could this be an issue? and that should be flashed with the no BL version first on the main board?

This is a well loved Touch, and would love to keep using it, so making these changes finally, juts not working as smooth as I hoped, but I’m sure I’ll get there

@andrivet A bit of trial and error and I have managed to get it up and working with the correct firmwares

In the end I had the Firmware flashed to ADVi3pp-BLTouch3-Mainboard-4.0.6.hex for the mainboard
but for the screen I used the image but added the folder from the raw files, 25_Controls

This has gotten me a working version

The firmware does not work if you mix BLTouch / non-BLTouch. That’s why there are two different binaries. If you do not have a BLTouch, do not flash a BLTouch firmware.

This is just a coincidence. This is more probably because you reflash the firmware that it is working. This odd behavior is especially true when using microSD with a capacity of more than 8 GiB.