LCD .img file is corrupted/blank

I am trying to flash the 4.0.4 LCD img file, with the Win32 Disk Imager, a couple of times received a verify error message, restarted the program and the verify was OK, plugged the SD card on the LCD panel, started and nothing! I am running Win10, File Explorer does not read anything.

What can I do next?


Hi MambaRoja,

Use the BalenaEtcher free Windows software (link on the manual page) and do not unzip the file. The Balena Imager software will recreate your 8 Gb micro SD card with the correct format and files. After creating, if you like you can check by reading the SD card in Windows Explorer but best to put the cardholder read-only so Windows can not change anything on the card. If this correctly created SD card is put in the LCD and the printer is powered on, you will see the images being loaded.

Greetings Patric

Thanks, I was able to upgrade the LCD.

Unfortunately, I am having a terrible time connecting the PowerSpec I3 plus to my PC and have not been able to upgrade the printer firmware, any suggestions?

Connect Printer with standard USB cable. Install the free Ultimaker Cura 4.4.1 program and start it and choose as printer the Wanhao Duplicator i3 plus. Go to the MONITOR tab to check if you can make a connection and read the extruder and bed temperature. To upload the firmware go the settings --> printers --> manage printers and choose the Wanhao printer and update firmware --> upload custom firmware and browse to the hex file and select. The update process starts automatically. Do not interrupt and the update and the software will indicate when the firmware is loaded. The Arduin processor of the printer will reset automatically and will be ready.


I have restarted my PC and plugged-unplugged the USB cable several times and my printer is still not recognized, Ultimaker 4.4.1 is not connecting. Sent an email to Wanhao USA, waiting for their response.

Be sure you have the right drivers installed. Sometimes, Windows is not able to install them (for whatever reason)

I downloaded the printer drivers from Wanhao, it is just not connecting to the PC. Wanhao USA did respond, waiting to hear from Mr. Chen (China).

I am not able to revert to the Wanhao LCD firmware, will keep trying…

Thanks for your assistance.

What have you downloaded and installed exactly?

The problem may be with the printer motherboard/USB, it was an open box deal. Initially I had the printer by itself in the basement, when I kept having issues with incomplete prints I connected it to the PC. I am not able to change the motherboard firmware since I cannot connect, I tried to download LCD217B_IMAGE to restore the LCD Wanhao file, but it is not unzipping, some file error. I probably will return the printer and get a new one that actually connects to the PC.

Update: I returned the printer to MicroCenter, they were fantastic, exchanged the open box printer for a new one! When I got home I had the same issues…

After browsing the Internet, I found a post that suggested just trying a different USB A-B cable among other suggestions. When I tried a different cable from the one included in the Wanhao/PowerSpec package the printer was recognized by Cura. It appears the problem was the cable!

Maybe Wanhao needs to improve the USB cable that ships with the printer.

I plan to upgrade the LCD and motherboard with the ADVi3++ soon and will post my results.

Thanks for all the assistance


I am having the same issue. I downloaded BalenaEtcher and did not extract the zip. It was flashed on the 8GB micro SD. When I plug it into the printer, the blue screen shows then no images flash on the screen.

I have tried with both mains power and USB (for some reason this is hit and miss). After i remove the SD card the screen goes back to the default screen.

I am using the ALDI Cocoon Create (AUS) version.

The micro SD is a class 4 8GB (only one I could get my hands on)

****** UPDATE*****

After hunting around the house I could not find a Micro SD card lower than 16GB

I bit the bullet and rolled the dice with a new 16GB I purchased the other day…


It updated the firmware. My 8GB must be too slow for mine or a different rev. Nov 2016 according to the console output