LCD gets stuck on Motors screen

hi, ive just upgraded wanhao i3 plus but everything is stuck.

LCD shows ADV logo butt gets stuck on Motors screen. It also mentions that the printer has hardware error (the printer stopped)Touch not working. Before upgrading, everything works on original firmware.

Upgraded LCD 5.0 through microcard and firmware 5.0 - Cura.

i think i need format lcd but the original link from wanhao doesnt work, ;/

Hi @tomasis! You should be more specific from where you are trying to download the original Wanhao firmware and getting the broken link.
Sebastien has provided a repository where you can get all known firmware for i3 Plus and its clones:

Have you checked if the cable connecting to the LCD is properly connected?

There is plenty of similar problems in this forum. Maybe you can find some with a solution that fits your needs.

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This looks like you have flashed the LCD with a bad microSD card.

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Great link.

Indeed it was old 2gb microcard i started with. I bought a new 8gb microcard.

Wanhao instructions arent very clear. I copied all files from LCD Format but it seem upgrade to normal 2.17. I wanted to get grey/white screen but I didn’t figured out yet which specific folder to copy to the card.

What do you try to do exactly ?

In video /instructions, it says copy files from Rar file “LCD Firm” then it was supposed to make the screen look like “white/grey”. It means formating process.

But I did copy the files and the screen does “firmware thing” like Elephant and Wanhao letters. Nothing of Grey and white screen.

I suspect that the file from Github is not correct?
The original link from Wanhao is

I used the file “LCD_Firm” from Github which I suspect is already modified.

I don’t understand what you are doing. I am NOT doing support for some else work. Who is Manolo?

Please also don’t post videos here, as explained in the rules:

So if you have questions about ADVi3++, please ask them. Otherwise, please do not post things unrelated to it. This is not the appropriate place.

Manolo is from Wanhoo.

Im trying format LCD so I can install ADV 5.0 … otherwise I cannot do anything. LCD firmware is corrupted.

p.s. let me know when its finished re binary so I can download it in Github. :slight_smile:

Just flash the LCD with the binaries I provided. There is also a binary to reset the LCD panel. Be sure to use a good microSD, not an option old one.

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I see that I forget to upload the binary to reset the LCD, will upload it later.

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I just uploaded the microSD image and I have written a post to explain how to use it:

ADVi3++ 5 - My LCD panel is corrupted, how to reset it?

The binary is here: LCD Reset microSD image

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What do you mean by that? What do you want to download from GitHub? Which repository?

PS: It is very difficult to understand what you are saying. Sorry, but I am not able to read in your mind. So please, give enough information. For example, if you are talking about GitHub, please give the link. If you are taking about someone, explain who is this person, etc.

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