LCD firmware

I have been running 4.0.1 for a couple years. Prepared an 8gb micro SD with 4.0.6,already have custom screen support, flashed from windows with etcher no AV (except defender). Inserted and booted, screen goes thru normal boot routine, no blue square or any sign of booting SD. Tried 20 times, used micro SD extender I have, reformatted card with different PC and burned image, same result. Created fat32 (4096) SD with LCD display formatter firmware, boot with same results. Just Power cord attached, LCD refuses to boot micro SD. I believe I should upgrade LCD firmware before printer firmware, so this is step one. I did just wire a BL Touch smart 3.1 sensor, and have not used printer, attempting to get new firmware installed before I can configure sensor. Any ideas what I should try?

This all looks good. Perhaps try with another sd card, even if it is larger.

You were correct. Used a new 32GB micro SD and upgraded firmware without issue. Installed BL Smart Touch and removed front fan. Everything worked just fine, but without fan. I printed a rear mount, used a 24v 5015 DC fan, but now everytime I try to level or print when print head centers and bl touch drops pin, the printer seems to reboot. My PI controller disconnects. My assumption is a BL Touch wire came loose, but the sensor is red and drops the pin, could one bad wire crash but allow sensor to lightup and drop the pin? I will have to pull printer and dissasemble.

So very probably, your 8 GiB microSD is defective.

Yes (white and black wires)

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