LCD Display brick?

Anyone know how to find LCD following an update of LCD with micro USB ? Now my screen is showing up like that and the touch is not responding anymore ! :frowning:


For information the mini map is OK
It’s like the screen was put in zoom mode ???

Have you flash with a max 8 GiB sd card. If you use a bigger microSD card, it may produce things like that.

Nop I didn’t have one :frowning:
Before I buy If I reflash with micro sd card 8go it will ok ?

Yes. It costs between 5 and 10 USD.

From the User Manual

IMPORTANT : You have to use a microSD card with a maximum capacity of 8GiB . If you use a microSD card with a greater capacity, the results are unreliable (sometimes it flashes, sometimes not). This is a limitation of the LCD panel itself.

Not good :frowning: with micro sd 4goIMG_20190615_125403

How do you write the microSD and then how do you flash. Can you also take a picture of the other side of the LCD panel?

And also, what is the exact model of your printer?

I Followed this tuto => How to Flash
I also test this =>

But it’s same thing

My picture the other side of the LCD display

My prinster is a Wanhao Duplicator I3 plus (Not mark 2)

Can you please explain exactly what you have done? Step by step.

  1. Format micro sd card 4go en Fat32 4096 octet
  2. Copy the file ADVi3pp-LCD-3.0.2.img with BalenaEtcher
  3. When file image is extract on micro sd card, I eject properly on windows.
  4. Next I insert the micro sd in LCD slot
  5. Turn On the printer
  6. waiting LCD done (2 min)
  7. Eject micro sd of LCD display
  8. Again Turn on printer
  9. Now my LCD is like the picture

this said I can use my printer wtih octoprint but I can use LCD panel control :frowning:

Step 1 is wrong, but it is not important.
Step 2: you mean Or have you unzipped the file before?

Of course unzipped before, otherwise BalenaEtcher want a file with extension *.img

This is wrong. Do not unzip before.
But it does not explain your problem.

A weird thing I discovered is when you write the image to the sd card, make sure you’re using and up to date version of etcher, and it is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure you have any virus /trojan etc protection turned off.
Even programs like acronis backup which has a malware protection component can cause problems when writing an image with etcher.
These programs can corrupt the SD card image as they often prevent things like boot image information being written correctly to the card. Sometimes etcher will tell you it failed, but sometimes it does not.

Also remember to turn your virus software back on after writing the SD card!

I’m not saying this is what’s causing your problem, but I would eliminate it as a variable…

Yes, weird things can happen, especially under Windows. This is why I generate disk images (instead of just asking to copy files on the microSD) and I recommend to avoid unzipping the file (a recent etcher is able to do this itself).

But in this case, I think that the problem was because of the original flashing with a 16 GiB microSD. It has messed up the LCD panel. I had this one time when I was starting to study the LCD panel and I had some difficulty to get it back.

I feel less alone but the story does not tell us if he managed to solve the problem…

I am not able to read but I see in the screenshot that it is the Wanhao firmware. So it is not a problem with ADVi3++. I do believe that the problem was your first flashing with a 16 GiB microSD card. There are ways to fix that but they are complicated to explain.

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Fix it soft or hardware ?

Software using the serial port on the LCD board