LCD beeps and "turn off" feature not working for some panels

One of the features of ADVi3++ is to be able to turn off those beeps each time you press on the LCD panel. It was working very well until some months. Some people (but only some) were reporting that it was no possible to disable those beeps. And enabling them results in double beeps (this is because both the LCD itself and the firmware are sending beeps).

I was in contact with some of you some months ago, send him a new LCD panel. But soon after he received the panel, I get no news from him. I tried many times with no luck (here, on Patreon, directly by email, …). So I think that I send him a LCD panel for nothing. $25 for no result.

Anyway, I still want to try to find a solution and for that, I need one of those “beeping” panels. Is one of you with this issue interested to help me? Please contact me (here or with a direct message).

Thank you in advance

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